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A Kind of Loving (1960)
The Desperadoes
and other stories (1961)

Ask Me Tomorrow (1962)
Joby (1964)
The Watchers on the Shore (1966)
A Raging Calm (1968)
(US: The Hidden Part)

The Human Element (1969)
A Season with Eros (1971)
The Right True End (1976)
A Casual Acquaintance
and other stories (1976)

A Brother's Tale (1980)
A Kind of Loving
(The Vic Brown Trilogy) (1982)

The Glad Eye
and other stories (1984)

Just You Wait And See (1986)
B-Movie (1987)
Give Us This Day (1989)
Next Of Kin (1991)
In My Own Good Time (2001)