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Diana Griffiths

Stan and Diana in 2005

Diana Griffiths was Stan's partner for the last twenty-one years of his life. She is also a very well-known radio dramatist in her own right, with eight original plays and nearly twenty dramatizations to her credit.

She has dramatized three of Stan's novels:-

  • Joby - Saturday Playhouse, Radio 4 - May 1997
  • A Raging Calm - Woman's Hour serial, Radio 4 - April/May 2002
  • A Kind of Loving - Woman's Hour serial, Radio 4 - July 2010

Diana and Stan co-dramatized the novel A Small Country by Sian James; it was translated into Welsh and went out as Calon Gaeth on S4C in 2007. It won a Welsh BAFTA for best drama that year.

A wealth of information about her radio work can be found here.

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